US-based United Airlines announced changes to their route network as 30 International destinations would resume in September with routes to Asia, Australia and Latin America to join the airline’s network once again.

The airline in September would have a capacity of 37% compared to what was available back in September 2019 which would result in a 4% increase in capacity from the August 2020 planned capacity. The domestic market would see them flying 40% of their schedule with 40 daily flights on 48 routes. They plan on even resuming services between mainland US and destinations in Hawaii.

The International markets will be served with 30% capacity when compared to the available capacity in September 2019. This would include the resumption of 20 routes to the Caribbean and 8 routes to Europe, the Atlantic and Pacific among others.

United Airlines the 4th Largest Airline by Capacity in the US (w/c 16-Dec-2019)

United Airlines the 4th Largest Airline by Capacity in the US (w/c 16-Dec-2019)

Sources: Blue Swan Daily

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic adversely impacting the airline both financially and operationally, they were among the largest airlines by capacity in the United States.

United have stated that their route network would be built back up by monitoring the situation given the dynamic nature of the virus and will much supply with demand. The resumption of routes to the United network in September would give more choice for leisure and VFR (Visiting Friends and Family) travellers both within the US and across the world.

The airline has also reiterated their commitment to ensuring passengers travel safely by taking measures to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic.