Lufthansa Group recently disclosed in a press release that they have reimbursed approximately €2.7 billion to a total of 6.3 million customers so far in 2020 as of 9 September 2020. The airline further added that they processed and paid roughly 1,800 refunds per hour last week.

Lufthansa has settled claims that were received by the end of June, the only exception are claims that are complex and require more ‘intensive processing’, but they’ve assured that they would be completed soon.

Lufthansa Group  Airlines refund statistics (as of 9 Sep 2020)

Amount of refunds paid 2.7 billion
Number of refunded tickets6.3 million
Total number of pending refund requests (including new requests)1.0 million
Source: Lufthansa Group

As of 9 September 2020, there were 1 million refund applications that were pending which included new refund claims.

The press release also stated that they are seeing new refund claims arising due to travel warnings and Lufthansa has claimed that they’ve received three times as many refund claims as before the COVID-19 Pandemic and expects that open refund claims will arise but possibly at a slower rate in the coming weeks, but they don’t anticipate it to reach zero anytime soon.

The Group took measures to speed up the processing of the claims which included increasing the capacity at customer centres which also meant employees from different departments were brought in to provide support to process the unprecedented rise in the number of claims.

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