Nepalese carrier Buddha Air on Friday flew an ATR72-500 carrying 69 passengers to the wrong destination. The passengers were set to fly to Janakpur (VNJP) from Kathmandu (KTM) on Buddha Air flight U4505. However, on Friday Buddha Air had a mix up that resulted in the flight arriving at Pokhara (PKR) rather than Janakpur according to information reported on The Kathmandu Post.

Buddha Air has launched an investigation into the incident and the carrier has admitted its mistake for the serious lapses that resulted in the plane flying to the wrong destination. The mix up was later resolved with the airline flying the passengers to their original destination later that day.

Buddha Air flight mix up

Buddha Air flight mix up

The weather conditions at Kathmandu were not favourable which resulted in delays and a change in flight schedule between the two destinations resulted in the mix up as ground staff personnel had mistakenly transferred the passengers of flight U4505 to flight U4607 that was destined to Pokhara.

An official had stated that the flight attendant and ground staff had failed to brief the flight deck on the change in flight numbers and that everything else was in fact in the right order.

The official had stated “There was miscommunication between the ground staff and the pilots” and “The flying pilots also did not look at the passengers’ manifest.”

A spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal had stated that, “We had made an inquiry into the matter with the airport. As today [Saturday] is a public holiday, a formal probe is possible tomorrow” and stated that the “Officials from Buddha Air will be summoned on Sunday to brief on the lapses.”

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