Aviation products and services provider, AerSale has recently announced that they have purchased 24 Boeing 757-200 passenger variant aircraft along with the aircraft engines and 16 spares that were included in the deal, the 24 aircraft are based in Mexico at AerSale’s Heavy Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility located at the Roswell Air Center.

The purchased aircraft were amongst the nearly 500 commercial aircraft that is stored across AerSale’s facilities in both Roswell, New Mexico and Goodyear, Arizona for several aircraft operators including financial institutions and leasing companies.

Boeing 757-200 aircraft

29918 757200

Source: Aviation Factory

According to AerSale, they have gone ahead with this deal as a result of the lucrative cargo market that has risen at the expense of passenger air travel due to the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a result of the uptick for air cargo along with the growth in e-commerce, AerSale would be converting the B757s into freighter aircraft as they also believe that there is currently a supply shortage of dedicated freighter aircraft in the years to come.

However not all the B757s will be converted to freighters as AerSale mentioned that some aircraft and spare engines would be disassembled for component parts to be given to their airline customers.

Aersale Chairman and CEO, Nicolas Finazzo stated, “I am proud of our industry-veteran management team because one of our strengths is assisting airlines with major fleet transitions, identifying optimal use and value for the associated flight equipment, using our integrated infrastructure to extract that value, and then passing that value on to our customers”. He went on to add, “We have purchased over $1.2 Billion Dollars of aircraft and engines during our decade in business, and have been a leading provider of whole aircraft, engines and USM. This package of high quality flight equipment last operated by a top-tier airline customer is yet another example of an opportunity for the AerSale platform to extract meaningful value from mid-life flight equipment.”

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